You can have your wedding at Villa Tina Hotel, in the middle of one beautiful and full of emotions region in Italy. Celebrate your wedding with civil wedding in one of the most beautiful house in Eclectic style in Versilia, in its liberty rooms or in a terrace with an amazing view.
Villa Tina can offer you everything: you can celebrate your wedding and we can organise the after party.
Villa Tina is Town Hall.

At the Office of civil wedding of the residence municipality the newlyweds, one of these with a delegation, request the publications. In case of different municipalities will be the selected municipality to start the practice in the second.
The municipality, after specific investigations, provide the publications with the generality of the bride and groom and the place of the wedding, which are exposed for 8 days at the municipality of residence of the bride and groom.
After three days from the end of the publications the Civil Official release the authorisation for the wedding: the marriage can be celebrated by 180 days from the end of the publication.
At the office of civil marriage in the municipality of Viareggio, with the authorisation and the documents of bride, groom and the witnesses, it is possible to make a reservation of date and time to celebrate the wedding at Villa Tina.
Necessary documents: identity card.
Expected times: 15 days fot the practice at the municipality, 11 for obtain the authorisation.

For the foreign citizens that have the residence in Italy
the authorisation is released by the Diplomatic Authority competetnt in own country.
If there are not international agreemente between Italy and the original country of the bride or of the groom, the authorisation have to be regularised by the prefecture. If the foreign citizen does not know the italian language has to be assisted by a interpreter at the time of the request of the publications, and also during the celebration of the wedding. It is necessary a valid document with the regularity of the residency permit in the italian territory.
If the bride and the groom live in a foreign country and are registered at AIRE ( Civil registry of italian citizens living in a foreign country ) the publications of the wedding have to be accomplished by he Italian Consulate. If only one of the bride or of the groom has the residence in a foreign country and registered at AIRE, and the other has residence in Italy, the publications can be accomplished at the Consulate or at the residence municipality. Is preferable to accomplish the publications in the place where the marriage will be celebrated.
Necessary documents: passport ( for foreign citizens ), passport or foreign identity card , authorisation or certificate of matrimonial capacity.